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    Ch. Von Charisma's Explosive Gem OFA

Ch. King's Hot Copy OFA Covy-Tucker Hill Hyclass Gem OFA  

      "Torrie" finished her Championship owner-handled!        


     Ch. Von Charisma's Destiny OFA

Covy-Tucker Hill Hyclass Sun OFA x Oakdale's Tuff Enough


   Von Charisma's Klassic  Kreation OFA TC CGC        

Ch. Autumn's Tucker of Seminole x Kridler's Meisha Wright OFA


  Von Charisma's One & Only Gem          

Ch. Frohlich's Coltrain OFA x Ch. Von Charisma's Explosive Gem OFA 


 Von Charisma's Vivacious OFA TC

Von Charisma's One Man Show OFA x Detmer's Covy-Tucker Hill Calif OFA ROM


Sarava's Vanta v Von Charisma TC

Von Charisma's One Man Show OFA  x Detmer's Covy-Tucker Hill Calif OFA ROM


Signatures Vela Von Charisma Kridler

         GV Ch. Mar Haven's And The Beat Goes On OFA x GVX Ch. Kridlers Ruby V Highland Acre OFA ROM


Von Charisma's X-Tra Special Gem

     Von Charisma's One Man Show OFA x Von Charisma's Necessity


Von Charisma's Witchey Woman

Ch. Von Charisma's Optical Illusion OFA x Detmer's Covy-Tucker Calif OFA ROM


 Kenja's Venus Was Her Name

Ch Kenja's Show Me The Way x Kenja's One Fine Day


   Von Charisma's Kami v Sarava Crisda-Edan

Sel. Ch Joelle's Alvin V Norberge OFA x Majek's A'te


 Von Charisma's Adalia v Sarava

             Ch. Sarava's Valor v Von Charisma OFA x Branca Von Der Bachlinde         



Covy-Tucker Hill Hyclass Gem 

BIS Ch. Bramblewood's Custom Made OFA ROM x Covy-Tucker Hill's Ily


 Ken-Delaine's Alvita

Ken-Delaine's Primero V Omni OFA. Dam Bramblewood's Diedre V Nochee OFA ROM



Von Charisma's NO Stoppin Us Now

Ch. Asgard's Big Ben v Encore OFA x Kridler's Meisha Wright OFA


Detmer Covy-Tucker Calif OFA ROM *

Dealer's Choice OFA  x Covy-Tucker Hill Storm Dancer OFA



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