"the Roman Goddess of love, beauty, and desire"



               "Kenja's Venus Was Her Name"



        Venus has retired from the show ring.

            We are hoping to have a litter out her soon!!





  Venus's Pedigree


CH. Kenja's Show Me The Way OFA



Ch. Kenja's Louie OFA


 Ch. Kenja's Journey Through Time OFA

Kenja's Ester Turner OFA


Leiter'sReflection of Rohan


Ch. Rohan's Glass Palace OFA ROM
Leiter's Many Happy Returns

Kenja's One Fine Day OFA

Ch. Ken-Delaine's Egoiste OFA ROM
Ch. Ken- Delaine's Mastercharge OFA ROM
Sel. Ch. Ken- Delaine's Avia OFA ROM
Ch.Kenja's Her- She-Shanklit OFA Brentaryl's Winner Takes All OFA
Kenja's Esther Turner OFA